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What We Do

Why Us?

Over the last 16 years, we have helped our clients attract and retain customers. Regardless of the size and complexity of their marketing campaigns, we see ourselves as true business partners with our clients, helping them to achieve their goals.

Records Processed Daily
Campaigns Executed Weekly
Revenue Earned Monthly

Our technology and unparalleled customer service helps our clients to:

  • Increase mailing accuracy

  • Boost response rates

  • Better target potential customers

  • Gain insights and understanding

  • Securely manage data

  • Lower postage costs

Don’t take our word for it, ask our clients! 

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Trust and Security

Our industry leading clients trust us with one of their most valuable assets – their data. We don’t advertise who our clients are because their data’s security is our highest priority. We continuously invest in technical innovation and security hardening with ongoing third party oversight and audits to ensure compliance to the highest industry standards. We are happy to provide case studies and names as appropriate.


ThinkSmart Data Services ensures the privacy and protection of personal health-related data with HIPAA-HITECH compliance certification.


With PCI-DSS 3.1 compliance certification, ThinkSmart Data Services guarantees the safe and secure handling of credit card data.


ThinkSmart Data Services’ ISO 27001:2013 certification allows the secure management of financial information and employee details.

About Us

Founded in 2001, ThinkSmart is a Database Marketing firm based in San Francisco that delivers advanced direct marketing capabilities with leading technology and exceptional account service. We combine merge purge processing, databases, analysis tools, and personal client support to dramatically improve our clients’ direct marketing ROI.

Meet the Leadership Team

Michael Concannon

CEO and Founder

  • Exuberant
  • Principled
  • Competitor
  • Smart

Carolyn Hart

General Manager

  • Musicophile
  • Scrupulous
  • Strategic
  • Smart

David O'Connell


  • Globetrotter
  • Preemptive
  • Tough
  • Smart

Maya Modacure

Director, Client Services

  • Problem Solver
  • Witty
  • Professional
  • Smart

Clem Lau

SVP, Production

  • Pundit
  • Theoretician
  • Sommelier
  • Smart

Scott Matson

SVP, Data Services

  • Raconteur
  • Composed
  • Mentor
  • Smart

Vince Chan

SVP, Analytics

  • Dedicated
  • Gamer
  • Resourceful
  • Smart

Patty Woods

QA Manager

  • Gardener
  • Diligent
  • Calm
  • Smart

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